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Works the way you do

Storypark includes your curriculum, framework or philosophies and can be fully customised to align with your practice. Weave links through your stories and observations.

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Strengthen your practice

Enable intentional, evidence-based, reflective practice and support outcomes in line with required standards.

Unique, child-centred design

Support important transitions for children. Include the child’s voice in documentation. Children can revisit any time, even after they leave your service.

Join 300,000+ leading educators and families around the world who use Storypark every day.

Plan more effectively with
parents and your team

Record and respond to parents aspirations. Demonstrate your planning cycle.

Your own teacher portfolio

Record and gather evidence of your own progress for registration, accreditation and appraisals. Link to quality standards and show continuous professional learning.

Analysis and reporting tools

Easily see each child’s learning journey, unique interests and family involvement. Notice emerging trends and compare curriculum use over time.

Enhance communication

Families love getting updates, and their comments can uncover new ways to extend learning.

Group messages

Keep your community up-to-date with notices, events, newsletters or daily diaries.

Private discussions

Send a direct message to a parent or have discussions with your teaching team.

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Capture and share learning as it happens

Take photos, record videos and create beautiful stories. Parents can follow on from the activities that occurred for their child earlier in the day, extending their learning.

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Make a plan

Create your own planning templates so you can plan how you want with who you want. Link documentation together to provide evidence of your service’s planning cycle and see an overview for each child.

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It takes a community to raise a child

Communicate and engage with your entire learning community. It’s a great way to share news, get the word out about any events, or to discuss topics and gather feedback.

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Monitor what’s happening at your service

See who has stories and who’s missing out. Observe the use of curriculum and support the work of teachers. Compare and analyse learning outcomes over time.

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Link to learning

Select, create and customise the curriculum, framework or philosophies that you use at your service. Observe progression over time.

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Take time to reflect

Reflect on your practice, goals, assessment and registration in your own teacher portfolio. Head teachers/mentors can offer their feedback by leaving comments or adding their own reflections.

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Record and share daily routines

Record feeding, sleeping, toileting, sunscreen and other routines to gather all the information about children's development together in one place. Make understanding a child's daily activity easier for families and more connected to a child's learning.

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Free professional
learning and development

World-class training for you and your team. Friendly support, here when you need it.

Flexible and affordable for early learning services.
Free for families.

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